April Showers bring us Fungi?

Easter weekend and nary a morel to be seen!

I have been ooot and aboot almost every day this month and not one morel has poked it’s lovely wrinkled head in my direction. Why is it that the objects of our desire seem so elusive and ethereal? Others seem to enjoy their company so easily and frequently,while we  pine away in our lonely quarters, reading field guides over and over, reviewing web-sites that delve into the secrets of finding these darlings of the fungi nation.

Alas, so far it has been hit  and miss.  A  friend of mine and another mycophile, stumbled upon a host of these beauties last week. With her permission, this is what she found while sourcing wild herbs and other medicinals.

Morels April15-14


I have been out looking, but to date, not much is happening.  It has been cold and some what dry so mostly what I have been seeing are polypores, polypores and more polypores.

Every now and then I will see one or two off by themselves.  Here are a couple of shots of what I have seen this month

DSCN1400 DSCN1399 DSCN1401 DSCN1364 DSCN1363 DSCN1361 DSCN1359 DSCN1357


Last weekend I was out with Chris in Hidden Grove and saw a couple of false morels, Gyromitra (infula I believe) growing on an old log…one looked just like a black toad sticking his head up within the moss.

Aviary Photo_130423410074357821 Aviary Photo_130423411648286923

I also saw my first oyster mushrooms (Pleurotus ostreatus)  They were very small and I decided to leave them to fill out a bit more and come back in a week and see if there were more.

Aviary Photo_130423413065357560

Still looking and hoping that I will find those morels, but I did find a beautiful patch of wild ginger that I had been seeking for the last two springs.  It seems that what one seeks is always found when you are not looking and often closer to home than far.

If anyone is interested in the ginger (Asarum caudatum), I will harvest and dry enough to give you a sample.  Maybe this spring we can do a combined mushroom foray and wild foraging for edible and medicinal plants and herbs.

Keep looking and email me pictures of your finds.