Finally Some Morel Success

It’s not true that the universe is impersonal and mechanistic…in quantum physics all possible present’s and futures exist at the same time.  For example, one future, which could have been  my past, was a place where no morels were found, where I searched and searched, but my basket remained empty. Another possible  future, now my actual  past, was that I did find morels, found them in great numbers!!!

Now, I didn’t actually search and find them in the traditional sense… get my boots on, strap on my gators, take my basket, grab my hat and walking stick, don’t forget my knife and camera and head off into the woods.

Instead I thought a lot about morels.  I was given a few by a good friend which I cooked and greatly enjoyed.  Their aroma lingered for some time in the kitchen and dining room after they were savored. That aroma took me back to my childhood, to a memory of spooning creamed morels overs my mother’s perogies.

I wrote about them in my blog and posted pictures of them on Facebook.  I even went into the woods and listened to Gaia ( see my last post).

Then, last Thursday, someone posted a message on our Sunshine Coast Mycological Society Facebook page. The message was  “to anyone out there…I have a few morrels growing in my yard for anyone interested. please email me”.

That was the universe sending me a message.

I did email that person  and went over on Friday, May1st.  This is what I found

DSCN1444 DSCN1446 DSCN1448

Amazing black morels!! And I must thank Liz Borland for her generosity in offering them to me.  I offered to share them with her,but she declined, not really being a big fan of mushrooms.

As you maybe able to see from the picture, they were growing in bark mulch, in her garden.  Right where many who know morels say you may find them.

I brought my bounty home, cleaned them, set a few aside for supper and some to fry and put on toasts to take to a neighbor’s birthday that evening and the rest went into the dehydrator.

I searched on line and found a great  simple recipe – baked black cod, served on a bed of pureed minted peas, covered in a simple morel sauce. Delicious!  Take a look..



First Gaia, now quantum mechanics… I don’t know, I think that I am getting a bit mystical here in my old age. What ever the method, all mushroom hunters have their techniques, their secret places, the “lore” they learned from their fathers their mothers their grandparents and friends  or just experience of how to find those elusive fungi.

The method I used was different, but the outcome was a success. Happy foraging everyone.