What to do on a rainy June day?

After this nice long stretch of sunny and warm weather, waking this morning to the sound of rain coming down was a bit of surprise. What should I do today? Don’t need to water the garden, it’s too wet to do any weeding, why not have a second cup of tea and break open the new Fungi magazine and see what’s new in the mushroom world.

This is the link to the magazine…http://www.fungimag.com/

The cover this month has a photo of a beautiful Cortinarius vanduzerenis, courtsey of Taylor F. Lockwood.

Lockwood is a world renowned photographer and  mushroom aficionado.  He will  be the guest speaker and presenter this year at or SCHROOM festival this fall , happening in Pender  Harbour, October 17-19, 2014. Stay tuned for more on this event later.

You can check his work out at the following link http://www.mushroom.pro/.

The other things I did today was to bottle my latest batch of beer. This always a good thing to do on a cool rainy day, in anticipation of the need for a nice cool one on a hot a sunny day. The next batch will be my medicinal mushroom, turkey tail/ganaderma tsugae red ale.

I also decided to cleaned out the freezer and found a couple of packages of frozen raspberries and blackberries from last summer’s picking. Way at the bottom of the freezer I  found a couple of bags of yellow plums.  I decide to chuck them all in the vat, let them defrost, add some water, sugar and yeast and make a nice light “country” wine.  Might be able to taste it by Christmas or next spring.

The other thing I did was to write this blog. It’s getting easier each time I do it, however finding the time, when the weather is nice, and I would sooner be outside is the hard part.

One big problem I have is finding  mushrooms to photograph and write about.  I know, I seem to find some every month, but my sightings of these beauties have been rather sparse so far.  It could be that last year was such a productive year that this year, the mushrooms are a bit exhausted and are rebuilding their strength again.

The scarcity may  also be due to the early drought conditions  we are having here on. the coast.

I am forever hopeful that the bounty will come, especially when the rains come, like today and also forecast later this week.

Last year I found one or two of the Prince’s, Agaricus augustus,

but they were beyond this best before dates. This year I want to find some in their prime, as I have yet to taste this one.

Two more photo’s from last year.DSCN0439DSCN0441

Keep looking, keep hoping for rain and sun in the right amounts, and maybe I will see you out on the trails one day.




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