Scouting out Dakota Ridge

After our success on Friday finding a few early Chanterelles, I decided today would be a good day to head up a bit higher and see if I could find more.

I headed up towards Dakota ridge and took a left  when I got to the power lines turning  onto Airport Road which leads up to the Chapman Creek Water shed.

I stop at  a couple of spots along the way that looked promising and where I had success  finding Gypsies and Chanerelles last fall.  The terrain looked good, but no luck.  I had foraged there at the end of September after a couple of good rains,  It was still pretty dry in the area  so I headed back to the truck and carried on to about the 7 kilometer marker.

There was an old road that ran off to the right so I parked and took a walk about another kilometer up it.  I was checking to see if there was a place to turn the truck around and there was.  I don’t like driving up a road only to find I have to back up all the way… not fun.

This looks like a promising place to check out later this fall.  I will put it on the agenda for a group foray.

There are another couple of areas that have potential so this might be an all day foray.

I returned to the main road  to Dakota Ridge and drove up past the 8 Klm marker and checked in that area.  I found a very nice site where a ravine runs across the road and walked up the slope about a 1/2 a Kilometer.  No Chanterells, but I saw many Russula DSCN1635 DSCN1636 DSCN1633

Some were a good size,  I also saw a number of Aminiita’s

Again a good potential area for a group foray.

I turned around headed back down to where I had success last September finding pines and boletes.  I got out of the truck and walked in and immediately saw the surveyors tape on some trees.DSCN1641 DSCN1640

Not a good sign… this was a great area with a lot of diversity of mushrooms. It’s pretty upsetting to know that one of your favorite picking sites is under the chopping block…This is a cut bock layout!!! I just hope they are slow in logging the area.

This site is on the south side of the road, so the north side I haven’t scouted but I will keep my eyes on the area this fall.

As an example I saw several dyer’s polypores spread over a large area of the forest floor..DSCN1637 DSCN1638 DSCN1639

They are young and small yet, but they covered a large area.  All you dyers out there let me know if you want to do a foray to the area before it gets logged…may even get a few pines at the same time.

Also saw some very nice Velvet PaxDSCN1642

I didn’t pick it, but left it for later.

I carried on down the mountain to my last stop, an area that I had found Chanterelles last year at the end of August.

Sure enough, in almost the same spot, on a game trail, I found a handful of Chanterelles.

All in all it was a good day and a bad day…good in that I scouted a few good future foray sites and found a couple of edibles.  Bad in that it looks like my go-to place for pines is about to be logged.

As I drove the last couple of Kilometers down to Field Road, I ran into a local native residentDSCN1644

She stood there looking a me as I took her picture, poised and calm like this happens every day.

Lets all think positive  about a bit more rain, then sun,and then rain and then more sun.

Good hunting and keep watching the SCSHROOM web site and our Facebook page for up coming forays.




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