Rumor has it that they are finally here!

Yes, its true, those things that we desire have finally arrived.  I was out on the weekend and found a nice variety of edibles, and found my first ever white Chanterell



We also found  a few golden Chanterelles, red bleeding lactarius, very young oyster mushrooms, many, many sullus lakei and a couple of gypsie’s.DSCN1844

This weekend is our Annual Mushroom Festival with Taylor Lockwood as out guest speaker.  His presentation is titled The Spirit of the Forest and happens Friday, October 17th, at 7 pm in the Roberts Creek Hall. He also talks on Saturday afternoon at 5 pm at the Botanical Gardens.  Admission to both is $10 at  the door.

The main event takes place Saturday in Maderia Park, at the community hall.  The doors open at 11 am and close at 4.  There will be hundreds of examples of local mushrooms, both edibles and non, with our local experts staffing the ID tables.

There will also be demonstrations of cooking mushrooms, dying with mushrooms and several vendors selling all manner of merchandise, many mushroom related.

On Sunday Scshroom will be leading a foray int the local woods which is open to the public.  The foray is limited to 30 people.

For more information check out the SCSCHROOM web page at

But back to those delightful little  “hubba”( Slavic term of endearment for little mushrooms).  I just spoke with my neighbour who just had a friend drop off a bag full of Chanterelles.  She tells me her friend says there are all kinds mushrooms to be found out there! Get out and start picking….but save a few for the rest of us, soem for the wild life that depend on them as a food source and some to continue to propagate their bounty for the future.

Here are a few other pictures of some of my “finds” this month…Aviary Photo_130577846781022627

Aviary Photo_130577844221661836Aviary Photo_130577844810340543


The last picture is a blue staining bolete…need to pull out the book and do a proper ID

I also found a couple of King boletes just down the street today, but alas, they were only good as food for worms.  Here is the picture…if you are a bit squeamish, just avert your eyes, as it is alive with maggots.

Aviary Photo_130577845611221282 Aviary Photo_130577846187135416

So I am off now to my “secret” patch of Shaggy parasols…they were coming up on Sunday and were small…by today they should be just right.

Get out there while the picking is good, be thoughtful and take only enough for a good meal or two and hope to see you on the trails some times



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