Happy First Day of Spring

The first day of spring today starts at 3:45 pm…amazing how quickly the winter has passed, but this was one of the mildest and driest winters on record.  Not too hard to take at all, and I have been able to pick winter Chanterelles right into early March.

I also picked my first spring oyster mushrooms last week…that I think was a first for me.  Normally they start fruiting the last part of April and into May, but the second week of March is very early.  This weekend I intend to head out after all this recent rain and check out some of my regular Oyster mushroom sites.

Not going to say to much just now, as some of you will note I haven’t posted much over the last few months.  The reason  was that my laptop was in the shop for over 6 weeks!!! Not a software but hardware issue.  I had a broken hinge on the screen which took them 3 weeks to source the parts. They fixed the hinge but broke the power switch, which took another 3 weeks to fix.  Luckily or unluckily, it was under warranty.

My thinking is that because it was a warranty repair, there was no money to be made on the fix, so they moved it to the back of the to-do list. Many phone calls with raised and frustrated voice happened over that last two months.

Anyway, I picked it up yesterday, I have a brand new chassis, hinge and battery, but I have forgotten all my password and how to navigate in Windows 8.1 . Luckily I recorded all my passwords and I am back up and surfing today. The old organic operating system in David 6.1 (my age) is creaking along and needs a de-frag done on the hard drive.

More to come very soon, with pictures( I was still out there looking and shooting pictures with my new smart phone…better pictures than my old digital camera…just have to move them from my phone to the cloud to the laptop)

Hope to see you some day out on  the trails….happy hunting! Coastalshroomer