On the trail for Oysters mushrooms and if I am lucky, maybe morels!

Took a stroll Sunday afternoon up Chapman Creek to see if the oysters are out yet.  If you have been following me this spring you will remember I found a huge flush about three weeks ago.

I thought that the season had begun, but no such luck since that early find.  I was just wondering today if it was in fact a very late winter flush rather than an early flush? Either way it was a good find a Chris made a wonderful pasta dish with them.

So far, I have only seen some very young oysters and they were not very numerous. This is a rather poor shot of what was to be found yesterday


It has also been rather dry this spring.  We have had a  couple of rain events, but the woods are still pretty dry.  Usually most trals this time of year are wet and muddy, but not so much this year.

Today I saw only two trees that had some very young oyster mushroom pins on them, but the a area looks like it could be a potentially very good area.

What I saw quite a lot of were ganoderma applanatum, or the artist’s conk.  If anyone is looking for young, fresh medicinal polypores , then head down this trail.  It is the lower Chapman Creek trail, that starts just off the highway, on the west side of the bridge that crosses Chapman Creek.

What I did find was a nice patch of currants.WP_20150412_14_49_03_Pro

I have a copy of Duane Sept’s book….“Wild Berries of the North West“. I found a patch of Red Flowering Currants last summer, but in his book he describes them as “edible, but far from incredible”.  There are however, several varieties and until they blossom and bear fruit, I will not be able to do a positive ID.  I will let yo know later what they were.

I also found two patches of what could be wild ginger, or maybe not. When I plucked one up and scraped at the root, it didn’t smell or taste like the ones we found earlier in February when Chris and I went out with one of our wild forager friends, Sarah.

Here they are side by side


The first picture is of the wild ginger, the second one looks similar…but I am not 100% sure.  I guess I will have to take Sarah out to this patch and ask her what she thinks.

That’s it for now, just waiting on the spring rains and the weather to warm up some.  I know that some of my friends have had luck this spring finding morels, so if you have had any luck send me a post and a couple of pictures and I will put them in my next post.

Hope to see you on the trails some times Coastalshroomer.

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