Late in August Searching the woods

I decided to take a walk in the woods yesterday, to see what the forest floor was doing.  I was not overly optimistic, but a few of my fellow mycophiles have reported sightings both in woods and in one of the local grocery stores.

The sightings in the woods were of Chanterelles and a few boletes.  In one of our local grocery stores, Claytons, one of my friends called and texted me about local Pine mushrooms for sale.  I said “what?” seems awfully early for pine’s (masutaki’s) as they usually come later in the fall, usually between October to December. I said they must be coming from somewhere off the coast or further north where there has been some rain.

M friend checked with the produce manager and she informed her that yes they were in fact local.

Sounded interesting and promising so that is what prompted me to head up Dakota Ridge way to check out a couple of areas where I have found pines before. I have to say, I am convinced that those pines must have come from some other area of the coast.  The reason is the extreme dryness in the woods…the moss is bone dry and even dusty, it sounds like you are walking on rice krispies.

However, I did have a couple of sightings that did sunrise me.  On one old stump right beside the road I found two species.

One beautiful admiral boleteWP_20150819_15_39_20_Proor Boletus mirablis

I was sure it would have been buggy, but I harvested it to seeWP_20150819_15_39_56_Pro

The second picture shows it size and the under side and the porous sponge.  When I sliced into the cap it was full of worms….sigh…too bad.

This beautiful example was growing on a stump and being  obviously a good substrate, I decide to check the other side. Sure enough there was a couple of very nice examples of Wooly Pine spikes (Chroogomphus tomentosus.WP_20150819_15_46_35_ProWP_20150819_15_47_02_Pro

one of the two look-a-likes of the much sought after Chanterelles.

I keep searching and saw signs that there were other searchers too who had left their mark in the woods…WP_20150819_15_42_46_ProYou know that old saying “does a bear s–t in the woods?”

Well, we now have proof!! But I wondered “What the hell is there to eat here in the woods? I saw no berries, very little vegetation, and I was two thirds of the way up to the top of Dakota Ridge?

Finally on my way down I stopped at one other spot that I always have success at, but usually much later in the season.

Again…very dry, dusty and crunchy….but I did find a very young Califlower Mushroom (Sparassis crispa) …and very appropriately named as it it was very dry and struggling.WP_20150819_16_02_49_Pro

Also the picture it’s self is less than crisp….my shutter speed was off a bit me thinks…so much for auto-pilot.

So there you have it, IMHOP, still need lots of rain but the fungi world is trying.

Hope to see you sometimes on the trails-coastalshroomer.

2 thoughts on “Late in August Searching the woods

  1. Interestingly enough I was also around the 1-7km mark up the Dakota Ridge trail. I’d apologize for my vagueness but I don’t think I need to on this forum lol. As you have described the moss was crispy and mushroom activity was next to nothing. I too was searching in past pine mushroom locales but alas, saw nothing. More rain + cooler temperatures required. I have tried to find chants as well but my spots have turned up empty. Not very optimistic for this year. Not at all.

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