Life Returns

The drought has ended

The once parched land and brown lawns eagerly drink in the rain

Trees, bone dry and limbs brittle, leaves browned and dropping, some that seemed to have given up

Now more erect and greener; more alive

We had more rain in three days than we did in total between May and the end of August

So the MAN says…

There was a price that was paid for the coming of the rain…..

Trees, weakened by the heat and the lack of rain, face the wind….

Winds, that the MAN who every morning and every evening stares out from the TV

Sometimes looking at you, sometimes looking to the left and then to the right

Standing in front of a map with large L’s and H’s rotating, arrows that move in sinuous curves

The MAN tells us that the winds at peak of the storm were  equivalent to wind speed of a tropical storm…..strong, fierce, sustained…

The price for life was also death; many trees came down or lost limbs

Falling on cars, on houses but mostly on power lines ….lights flickering off, then on then off again

For some, only minutes, for others days…..frustration and anger

With the bad there was also good

The bad, the death of trees, shattered by the winds; roofs smashed; cars crushed, people injured

Was the rain enough to stir the life that lives beneath the moss, mingling intimately with the roots of trees

A contract made of water and nutrients in exchange for sugars and life

I visited “my spot” where if Chanterelles are to be found, between July and December

They were there….hidden beneath a piece of bark

I had covered them three weeks or more ago after the touch of rain we had

They were tiny and dense…too dry to grow, so I left them to see what would become of them


There were others…black and green who also sought their sweet arroma

But they lacked fingers and hands so could not move the gate aside


There they were…grown. clean, firm and fragrant….a lovely gift from Gaia

Many more I found and many more just beginning….

More rain has fallen, the air is cooler….heavy due coats the reviving grass this morning

Time to commune again with the green which has returned

On the trails…to see you soon… hope do I ( Yoda channeling through coastalshhroomer)

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