Porcini Heaven

Get out there and start your pickings!!!

I went for a drive this afternoon with my brother-in-law up Dakota Ridge way just to take a look and enjoy the view out over the Salish Sea.

On the way down, I caught a glimpse of “tan” off at the side of the road….I stopped…got out and what did I find?….A beautiful huge bolete….and upon closer examination….a King bolete….I looked left then right and what did I see ….more porcini.  They were everywhere!!

Three years ago, on about the third weekend of September, a group of us went up the Rainy River and found porcini everywhere.  This was a similar experience….at about the same altitude, and growing out of the banks at the side of the road. The only signifigant difference was that this is 2 months earlier!!

My only regret, besides several having a larva problem, was that I didn’t head up there a day or two earlier…..maybe more would have been free of infestation.

The message to all those reading this…head out…go high and start picking!!!

One more thing was… take a look at the white one…are there such things as an albino porcini???

Hope to see you some time on the trails..coastalshroomer.