Still Waiting for Rain

Still Waiting for Rain

What happened??? Started off looking like it was going to be a stellar year for mushrooms, but everything is on hold just now. I have been out to several spots over the last couple of weeks checking for shroom sign…nada…zilch…fee-goose-mauc-kum( Ukrainian slang for bugger all).

It was so promising earlier this summer with early flushes of chanterelles and porcini, even a few gypsy mushrooms and one really early pine.


Now there is not much else out there but a few Russula and a lot of velvet pax.  That is good for the dyers but not for those of us looking for something to put in the pot.


Now it isn’t a complete bust out there. There are places on the coast where people are finding edibles. For example, I myself was up to Ruby Lake Resort to enjoy Aldo’s Sea Food Tasting night. We decided to enjoy the food and wine and stay the night.  We went off on a walkabout the resort and came upon a host of white chanterelles.

I picked them, gave most of them to Aldo, seeing as it was on his property, and kept a few for myself. Things are wetter up that way than they are in my neck of the coast.

On the way home the next day we stopped in on one of our fellow shroomers. She had a box full of lobster mushrooms and offered us some to take home.

I have been out and about looking for potential new areas to explore and have been up and down Dakota Ridge 5 or 6 times this year.  Found some potentially nice areas, but not much sign yet.I found these beautiful violet cortinariuswp_20160928_14_01_08_pro

Three years ago, on September 26th, I and two friends went to the same places I visited yesterday ad this is what we found three years ago.dscn0764


This is what I found yesterday.DSCN1641

Let’s all do the rain dance so that we get a good flush or two before the Festival in two weeks.

Hope to see you in the woods once the rains begin…. coastalshroomer