Rain-O -Rain-O

Rain-o-By Chilliwack 1970…https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xvIIVF5swYc

What a great song by a great Canadian band and from the west coast too!!!I loved and still love this band, and it was the album cover from one of their records that made me want to migrate west from the prairies in 1973.  Actually I don’t think it was the album cover so much as the inside page of the album….I think…

Anyway, it was a picture of How Sound, taken from the Sea to Sky Highway on the way to Squamish. I just loved that picture and for me so represented the west coast.  There was ocean, Islands and mountains.

It was early September, and everyone was back at work or at school.  I had tried college right after high school, but only made it to Christmas. It was the first time I was away from home on my own, partied really hard, did little actual studying and ended up being booted out of the program by Christmas. I worked over the winter and went back to university the following fall. However I just couldn’t focus on what I wanted to do.

In the early 70’s there was lots of people experimenting with different “substances” and philosophies, which I too experimented with.  At the time I also met people who had been out west to “Van” as we called Vancouver at that time. It was supposedly this really cool city out west, set in the mountains, near Chilliwack and even had a University on the top of a mountain!

The other place I had heard of in BC was Nelson. This was another city built on the side of a mountain, in the Kootenays.  This was where the finest weed was grown, the place was full of hippies, the chicks were all really cool, and you could live on a commune if you wanted to. This was where I wanted to go.

So I persuaded my older brother and first cousin that we needed to head out west. They agreed, we all quit our jobs, packed all our stuff into one duffle bag each, hooped in my cousin’s red Cortina and headed west one cool and windy September day.

You may ask, so where is this story going and what does it have to do with mushrooms?

Well, it is early September, and September has always been my favorite month. As you can see by my intro, it was in September that I made one of the most important decisions in my life.  I left home and moved out west.  September is always a time of change and new beginnings. Summer is ending, the harvest is begun, people return to work and to school, the rains begin and the mushrooms start to flush.

There you have it…the rains begin….the mushrooms start to flush…all the summer people go back to the city… the trails are empty and you can begin to get the scent of those pine mushrooms in the woods.

Saturday we had the first rain in nearly 3 months.  The weather was hot and dry, the ocean surprisingly warm, the crabbing pretty good.  However, we are at stage three water restrictions and haven’t been able to have a campfire or beach fire for two months.

I welcome the rains but we need more. I have been out in the woods and have found a few chanterelles, very small, very dense but very tasty.  I want more!!!! I want some boletus edulis; I want shaggy parasols; I want admirable boletes; I want hedgehogs; I want the Prince; I want lobsters; I want pines!!!!

Ok, Ok, OK…..let’s all hope for more rain and let’s get out there this next week and see what promise the rains may bring.

See you on the trails some times