Spring Time on the Coast

Spring Time on the Coast

Happy Spring to all you shroomers out there!! Man, has it ever been a long, cold, wet or maybe snowy winter.  Finally spring has come and our fungi friends will be along soon.

I have to begin by saying that my left hand is a bit out of commission and I am finding this post difficult to write.  The reason…dislocated my left ring finger, ripped the tendon and pulled a chunk of bone off where it attaches to the “distal phalanges”.  In layman’s terms….I am buggered for at least 8 weeks.

I have to keep my finger in a flexed position, in a splint for 8 weeks…24-7, and then if it doesn’t heal, surgery and another 8 weeks in a splint.  Not conducive to doing much gardening, building, playing guitar, or trying to write blogs.

But the struggle continues and we must press on…

For those who don’t already know it is the 10th anniversary of the founding of our mushroom society, SCSHROOM, here on the Sunshine Coast (Canada).  To celebrate that anniversary we are planning some special events during the season and also during the festival this fall.  Did I mention the dates?   They are October 12, 13, 14th. Stay tuned for more about the festival.

One of the things I want to do to celebrate, is to write about the members of our club…what drew them to the club…how they found the club…what they have learned being a member…why they remain members of the club.

If you are a SHROOM member and want to tell me about your experiences, then drop me a line at forayleader@gmail.com.  Also if you have any pictures to share showing yourself or other members foraging, send them along too.

Here are a couple of pictures for you to wet your appetites.  The first picture is of Trametes versicolor (Turkey Tails)..the top right are some winter chanterelles that I found in Glif Gilker Park in February and the bottom right I am not sure of, but were growing under my fir hedge this spring.  If you can ID them let me know.

Hope to see you on the trails sometimes soon. Coastalshroomer.


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