The Season Has Begun

The season has begun!!! That’s for sure. In  my last post, I raved about the incredible spring oyster mushroom flush that happened in May and my prediction  that it bode well for a banner year.  Well, I think my prediction may be bang on.

I was concerned when we had that incredible July-like weather in May with record high temperatures and scant rainfall.  I thought “yes it’s nice to be able to take a dip( although somewhat chilly) in the ocean in May”.

However I was worried that the weather would continue to be hot and dry with nary a drop of rain to coax those objects of my obsession from their underground slumber.

Alas there was a change in the weather and June started off wet and cool, more typical of the many Junes I remember here on the coast.  There was even snow on the Coquihalla and just a few days ago, snow at Big White and Silver Star.

Some of you may even remember not that many years ago when we were all bitch’in and complaining about June-u-ary…..that cold and wet spring and early summer we had, where we had to replant the garden two and in some cases three times, because all the seeds and seedlings either rotted or drowned in all the cold rain we had.

How soon we forget and continue to complain about the weather.

But back to the main thread of  my story and opinion that the season has begun.

I was out for  my morning stroll yesterday and spotted some Amanita muscaria poking their heads up out of the moss.

IMG_20180612_090757 (2) I also saw some mature caps.   I think ” maybe I should check out my little patch where I always find a few Agaricus augustus, or the “Prince”.  So I do.

And what do you know, there is a lovely fresh flush of these beauties just popping up out of the duff….

Don’t be fooled by the pictures, the stem on the one on the right is a good 3 inches in diameter. There are also 3 or 4 little buds just coming up, so in a day or two I will head back to this patch and harvest those.

This patch often flushes in June and in September-October.  If  the weather is right, with just enough rain and warmth followed by some cool weather, sometimes it will flush in August.

I think our mushroom friends may have been fooled by that hot and dry period in May, followed by the cool wet early June, thinking the fall has begun. You don’t really know with mushrooms….there is obviously lots of science involved in understanding their life cycles and also lots of experiential and anecdotal lore.  Whatever the  approach you may favour, just get out there and see what there is to see.  You may get lucky.

There is a prediction for a bit more rain in the next few days, followed by a warming trend.  For me, I will be heading up into the mountains to see if my Procini, or Boletus edulis patch is also flushing early.WP_20160724_16_56_45_Pro

Hope to see you on the trails someday soon.


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